Who is the striker who gave Arsenal Legend the thumbs up?

Arsenal’s great captain for Bukayo Saka, and Tony Adams, one of the team’s all-time great defenders.

On the 5th, Adams praised Saka, a promising player with potential once again this season, through this media (Goal.com) ‘Global’.

In a report citing Arsenal Legends goalkeeper Simon Podcast, Adams said, “I think Saka has been phenomenal this season. Saka is just as good in every way as Messi. Of course, Messi is at the end of his career,” adding that Saka and Messi are in great shape. compared

He added: “At the Euros, Saka missed a penalty, but he came back well. It’s amazing to see him score or score goals. Saka is the best player in England. He is also the best player at Arsenal.”

Saka is Arsenal’s jewel. He made his professional debut through the Arsenal youth team. In England, he digested all the national teams by age and took steps step by step.

He was a promising 스포츠토토 player, but his potential is bursting as he plays the season. He has scored 6 goals and 6 assists this season, leading the offense of ‘Two Gabriel’ Martinelli and Jejus and Arsenal.

He is also securing a place in the national team. In August 2020, he entered the Three Lions Legion and took the starting position. He is 21 years old, but his national team appearances alone are 24 games. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he also played an active role as the main right winger for the England national team. He scored 3 goals and 1 assist in the World Cup.

As Adams said, Saka plays the role of Arsenal’s Messi. He basically prefers the right flank. He has a left foot. As well as his rapid growth, he is reborn as a full-fledged striker as he plays games.

As Saka’s potential shines through, Arsenal are also at the top of the Premier League. At the current momentum, it is said that winning the league after 19 seasons since the 2003/04 season is not a dream.