There are only 9 games in the 1st team, but it goes into Lee Seung-yeop’s heart… There was a reason for the first nomination.

A new manager has arrived, and the first-team entry is likely to be reorganized to a large extent. And there are quite a few promising players who challenge to join the new board. Doosan, which formed a dynasty and suffered a decline in performance last year, is dreaming of a new era with new manager Lee Seung-yeop.

Several players have been tested in Australia’s field training, and the tests are continuing to the demonstration games. There are also some impressive players. In the match against KIA held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 18th, second-year left-hander Lee Byung-hun (20) stood out. Regardless of the result, he is continuing his pitching that will thrill everyone.

In the 8th inning when the score was 3-3, Doosan put Hyung-beom Lee, who threw 9 pitches, off the pitch, and left-handed batter Kim Gyu-seong put Lee Byung-hun on the mound. Usually, demonstration games are responsible for innings as long as the number of pitches is not exceeded. It was a bit of an early timing. Looking at the overall number of pitches and patterns, there could be two meanings.

First of all, there may have been an idea to check how Lee Byung-hun deals with left-handed batters in a situation where there are runners. Next, you may have wanted to see how this prospect, who has pitched in relatively comfortable situations so far, pitches in a crisis situation.

It perfectly lived up to Bench’s expectations. Although his release point is not high, his arm swing is short, he has a form that is difficult for opponent hitters to check, and Lee Byung-hun, who has a good impact at the moment of hitting, set Kim Kyu-seong back by striking out three pitches. It seems that Kim Kyu-seong could not have expected the third pitch to the inside. He then caught Han Seung-taek with a third baseman grounder and finished the inning. The crisis was extinguished by grabbing the first strike and boldly throwing a breaking ball. It is a streak of 3 consecutive scoreless runs in demonstration games, and a no-hit streak.

Even if it’s not the confidence of coach Lee Seung-Yeop, it’s a flow of demonstration games that will make you think a lot about how to use and develop this young prospect in the first team plan this year. In the demonstration game, he is throwing strong balls in the mid- to late-mid range of 140 km per hour, and his aggressive tendency on the mound also has elements that the leaders will like. It is a wood that can be thrown 150 km with a left arm. He told me to bring the 150km left hand even if I had to go to hell.

He is one of the key prospects that not only Lee but also the Doosan club and fans are watching closely. He was selected as one of the top prospects from his Seoul High School days. Despite undergoing elbow surgery in his senior year of high school, Doosan invested the precious first pick in this player. He showed so much, and I thought he had great potential for growth.

After his rehabilitation,메이저놀이터 he went to 9 games for the first team last year. It could not be said that it was a strong ball until last year, but it is evaluated that his pitch has improved since he systematically digested the camp. He has the temperament of a fighting cock, and he has the temperament of an ace. For Doosan, whose left-handed bullpen has weakened, this year’s performance is also worth looking forward to.

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