The moment of the first QS, where Han Hyun-hee’s gaze was headed… “He suffered a heartache? It was worse than me”

“It was good. You did really well… It was really good.”

He struggled at the beginning of the season. The average ERA in April reached 7.17.

Han Hyun-hee showed a smile only after achieving the first quality start (QS, 6 or more starting innings and 3 earned or less) after transferring in the KT Wiz game on the 13th.

He’s on his 3rd win of the season, but he hasn’t had a hero interview for his last 2 wins. He laughed shyly, saying, “I couldn’t throw it at that time…” and

his voice, which was always calm and relaxed, trembled. On that day, the venue was sold out with 18,700 fans. Fans poured hot chants toward Han Hyun-hee, who pitched 6 scoreless innings and came down. Han Hyun-hee revealed his insides, saying, “I’m a little goosebumps. I was moved.”

He changed his uniform after a long thought. After the transfer, he digested ‘hell training’ enough to lose weight. Praise poured in, saying, ‘I changed people after I got married’. He had a great desire to show himself to his former team or other teams that underestimated him.

He rarely did well. Han Hyun-hee said, “Honestly, I had a hard time. But I think coach Kim Hyun-wook did more than me.”메이저놀이터

Coach Kim joined Lotte this year and is in charge of training and conditioning. He is a sidearm legend who won 20 wins as a relief pitcher in 1997 and 13 wins in 1998. This is the reason Coach Kim made Han Hyeon-hee a ‘dedicated mark’ since the camp.

How intense the training was, Han Hyun-hee said during the camp, “

Lotte Han Hyun-hee. Reporter Kim Young-rok
“As I came down the mound, coach Kim Hyun-wook kept smiling. He said, ‘It was good, I did well’, and later when I gave him a high-five, he said, ‘It was really good’. The coach held me really well.”

Han Hyun-hee smiled, saying, “Even if it rained, I trained with the coach. If I do a little bit, I get scolded right away. Everyone said, ‘The coach only sees you'” and smiled.

“Honestly, it’s difficult, but I think it’s something I have to do. Regardless of whether it’s helpful to me or not, if Coach Kim tells me to, I do it unconditionally.”

In fact, Han Hyun-hee’s father-in-law was also planning to visit the scene that day, but unexpectedly, the tickets sold out quickly. Han Hyun-hee regretted, “My son-in-law was able to show me a wonderful image…” but she said, “I will do well in the future.”

The forced break due to the cancellation of 4 consecutive games due to rain is definitely a big help to Lotte’s starting lineup. Following Strayley and Barnes, Han Hyun-hee also regained her presence. Han Hyun-hee laughed at the sound of cheering songs resounding in the locker room and smiled broadly, saying, “Look at the team atmosphere. Lotte is a team that will do well.”

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