The KIA finish keeps showing its back… I don’t even have a plan B, but I’m worried about KIA

“It seemed that the pitch itself had fallen a lot because I threw 2 innings on the first day of (3 consecutive games). He explained that the reason for replacing closer Jeong Hae-yeong (22) early in the previous game was that both pitch and control were shaken. Jung Hae-young climbed the mound in anticipation of a crisis situation and closed the game against LG in Jamsil on April 30, but ended up passing the baton to Lim Ki-young after failing to show a stable appearance.

Closers usually tell the story that there is no back. He makes the save, or is in an extreme situation where the team is allowed to tie or reverse and lose. Still, it’s the top job in the bullpen, and it’s a job that’s filled by the best bullpen pitchers, so the coaching staff usually leaves the situation to the closer. Even if you lose, the moment you leave the mound and come down is when the situation is over in some way. It is true that Jung Hae-young had a lot of pitches that day, but it was definitely not common that he finished in a save situation.

However, the same situation happened again in Daegu on the 17th. KIA entrusted Hae-young Jeong to finish the game in the ninth inning, leading 7-3. It was not a save situation, but recently, there is a view that the range of Pil Seung-jo’s input is 4 points instead of 3 points, and there was a dimension of maintaining a sense of the game as there was enough rest. However, Jung Hae-young was shaken. He got a hit from lead player Oh Jae-il, and on first base, Kim Ji-chan allowed a walk, which made matters worse.

Later, when Lee Jae-hyun’s shortstop grounder gave up 1 point due to Park Chan-ho’s run, Pirella hit 2 RBIs on time and was chased by 1 point. Then the KIA bench moved. Except for Jung Hae-young, Kang-soo left the two remaining outcounts to Choi Ji-min.

The number of pitches (16) was not as large as in the last game against LG in Jamsil. Usually in this situation, there are many cases where the bench pushes the finishing line to the end, but KIA also took Jeong Hae-young off the mound. Choi Ji-min kept a 1-point lead, and KIA’s selection was successful as a result. As Jung Hae-Young, Chan-Ho Park’s mistake must have been regrettable, but it is not a 100% excuse given that all pitchers suffer from the mistakes of their teammates.

Director Kim’s answer on the 18th may not be very different from the 2nd. On this day, Jeong Hae-young not only had the highest speed of a four-seam fastball, which can measure the pitch to some extent, but even his pitch was shaken. According to ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league clubs, Jung Hae-young’s four-seam fastball restraint that day was 138.3 km per hour at the lowest speed and 140.6 km at the highest.스포츠토토

Jung Hae-young was not a fastball pitcher who threw 150km per hour. Still, it is normal to come out in the middle of 140 km. Here, the extension and vertical movement are good, so it feels faster and heavier to hitters. This is the background to Jung Hae-young’s 66 saves over the past two years. Save numbers like this don’t come from luck.

However, this season, his speed did not increase too much from the camp, causing the coaching staff to worry. After the opening, I was optimistic that it would come up when the real battle comes when concentration rises, but the speed is too slow. In the game on the 17th, the restraint rather fell. Considering that he is not at the stage where he is experimenting with something, and considering that he is not at the age where aging will come, this restraint is likely to put the KIA coaching staff in trouble. He’s not an unmanaged pitcher either, having played as a closer for two years.

Jung Hae-young is recording an average ERA of 3.77 with 3 wins, 1 loss and 3 saves in 16 games this season. He has a hit percentage of 0.298 and a WHIP of 1.60, both high. While he struck out six, he also gave up six walks. The strikeout rate has dropped, but if the pitch is not as good as before, there is no choice but to have a lot of strong in-play. If these leading indicators continue, a rebound may not be easy. There is a limit to getting it right with tips.

It’s not that there aren’t any alternatives out there. Jang Hyeon-shik (ERA 5.68) seems to have yet to fully recover from the aftermath of the elbow bone fragment removal surgery, and Jeon Sang-hyeon (4.61) also has severe ups and downs every game. Kim Ki-hoon (April 20) is not free from the issue of the ninth ball. Jimin Choi is in the best position, but finishing could be another area for the young player. In the end, KIA is the best scenario for Jung Hae-young to find his original skills. At that time, KIA’s season performance may have depended.

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