Sonny Bull Goal Hunting Go!

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who brushed off his sluggishness with the first shot of the new year, will go on a goal hunt for two consecutive games.

Tottenham will play the English Football Association 토토 (FA) Cup third round (round of 64) against Portsmouth in the third division at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 9:30 pm on the 7th. It is a game that will be held less than 72 hours after the league match against Crystal Palace on the 5th, and attention is focused on whether Son Heung-min will start in the tight schedule. Son Heung-min scored a goal in Tottenham’s 4-0 victory in the previous match. With Son Heung-min’s 4th goal in the league (season 6), which was the first since his hat-trick at Leicester City in September of last year, he succeeded in breaking the sluggish trend that had been lengthy.

Son Heung-min recorded 12 goals and 11 assists (25 games) in the FA Cup. However, the team was eliminated in the FA Cup round of 16 in the last three seasons, and Son Heung-min is also in a situation where he has not been able to form a relationship with a goal for a while. There was no offensive point in the FA Cup last season. If Son Heung-min scores his first goal in the FA Cup this season, he will record his first two goals in a row this season.

Wolverhampton, played by Hwang Hee-chan (26), aims to advance to the 4th round (final of 32) against Liverpool at 5 am on the 8th. Hwang Hee-chan, whose position in the team was very unstable after being pushed from the starting lineup, was on the starting list for three consecutive games after the 2022 Qatar World Cup break. In a situation where fierce competition continues among strikers, including striker Matheus Cunya, who was hired on loan, Hwang Hee-chan must prove his presence by scoring a goal. Hwang Hee-chan scored 5 goals after moving to Wolverhampton last season, but his last goal was stopped in February of last year as he has no goals yet this season.