“Reminds me of Kim Byung-hyun” KBO 161 win legend admiration… LG’s 174cm submarine heyday ‘Yeomgalyang’s Chok’

“It reminds me of Kim Byung-hyun.”

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop recommended Park Myeong-geun (19, LG) to Ryu Joong-il, head coach of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team, from the 2022 KBO Technical Committee. A sidearm in the third year of Raon High School who did not even debut as a pro. However, he promised that he would be great in the future.

And he got on the same boat like fate a year later. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop put him on the Scottsdale spring camp roster and made him come into contact with his outstanding seniors. Director Yeom has boldly selected and appointed new players with extraordinary numbers since the days of Heroes and SK. Even now, there are not a few cases that passed through the hands of manager Yeom among the signs of the two teams.

He went through trial and error for the month of April. 4.66 ERA with 2 holds in 11 games. However, he is only 174 cm tall, has ball speed, and has the ability to run the game by evenly utilizing the changeup and curveball. He’s even a sidearm and his runner containment is excellent. His slide steps are very fast. It is noticeable that he is practically unable to use his fighting spirit.

LG’s internal evaluation is that it is possible to select and finish in the long term. In fact, he has been playing various roles. Recently, due to the injury of finisher Ko Woo-seok, there was a gap in the back door. However, the LG bullpen does not shake at all. Basically, the revival of left-hander Ham Deok-joo stands out. In the case of the match against Hanwha in Jamsil on the 21st, a save opportunity came to Park Myeong-geun. It was because Ham Deok-joo played against Hanhwa in Jamsil on the 19th and 20th.

Park Myeong-keun got a heavy hit from lead batter Oh Seon-jin, but struck out Chae Eun-seong with a changeup on a swing, Noh Si-hwan with a curve at the end of a 9-pitch battle, and Park Sang-eon a four-seam foul fly for first baseman. Easy save harvest with 19 balls.

It was a game that revealed why coach Yeom had sang ‘Park Myeong-geun, Park Myung-geun’s song’ for the past half year, and Park Myung-geun’s true ability. MBC Sports Plus commentator Jeong Min-cheol, who was tied for second place in the KBO league with the most wins (161 wins), who relayed the game, was also impressed by Park Myung-geun’s pitching.

First of all, commentator Jeong Min-cheol said that Park’s pitching mechanic was not normal. He said it was not a center shift from the lower body to the upper body, but rather his arms going out first. However, “the upper body starts first, and the body itself has a good ability to cope. The arm swing is very fast. When the upper body goes out first, the arm rarely wins, but Park Myeong-geun wins every time.”

Small stature is not a complex. Commissioner Jung Min-cheol said, “It is difficult to say that the physical is superior, but the body is used well overall. He has a good fastball, so he can’t help but be surprised when he sees a breaking ball.” Based on baseball statistics site Statties, the average fastball is 146.1km. Against Hanwha, he recorded the highest distance of 146 km.

His guts not to run away also stood out even more in the save situation. Commissioner Jeong Min-cheol said, “As a newcomer, he can easily catch good hitters, so as a manager, he can’t help but use it. When he meets a star-level player against his own skill level, he might be the odd one out. Then he can’t use it, but Park Myeong-geun doesn’t shy away from it. Whether it’s Chae Eun-seong or Roh Si-hwan, I stick with it regardless.”

Even Commissioner Chung said of Park Myeong-geun, “Kim Byung-hyun comes to mind.” Kim Byeong-hyeon (hamburger business, entertainer), a short-lived submarine representing Korean baseball in the past, also stood out for his bold head-to-head game and guts, no matter who the opponent was. A legend who made a mark in the major leagues.메이저놀이터 For Park Myung-geun, it is a great honor modifier.

When watching LG games this season, watching Park Myung-keun’s pitching is a lot of fun. The season is only 2 months old. 2 wins, 5 holds, 3 saves, 1.69 ERA in 22 games. The prospects for his future are premature, but at least director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s advice has been sufficiently proven.

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