Professional service businesses often realize they can attract more clients by creating an online business platform. But many miss opportunities to increase their income by creating information products.

Information products will help your service business in several ways. For example, you can enhance credibility by producing a downloadable Report packed with information. You can earn revenue from people who visit your site from all over the world. You can leverage your time: your book will bring sales while you sleep, relax and work with live clients.

Most professionals can create information products for the most lucrative online market: buyers who are truly desperate. These buyers experience extreme pain and want relief fast. The pain can be physical, emotional or financial. When readers want to get rid of corns, avoid breaking up with your partner and raise your credit rating, they know they need help. And most of them are willing to pay.

One big advantage of creating an information product for desperate buyers: They don’t want a lot of conversation. If your washing machine overflows and creates havoc in your kitchen, you don’t want to wade through complex diagrams of what makes a washing machine work. You want to know just one thing: how to get that machine to do 안전놀이터 what it’s supposed to, preferably without spending a small fortune on repair services. You don’t want to wade through your laundry room to find a clean shirt.

That’s the level of desperation you seek among your readers. If your clients sound angry, frustrated, or even frantic when they call, you may be getting an insider’s view on a desperate problem. For instance, a financial planner could create a Report, “Stop Foreclosure on Your Home in 3 Days” (if this promise is realistic).

When writing for buyers who are truly desperate, you don’t need a big book. Readers won’t count pages. They want to get the answer in as few words as possible. Some writers of Reports targeting desperate buyers create products with as few as 15 pages. It’s not unrealistic to ask $97 for a report that’s less than 200 pages.

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