‘Oh Se-geun-Kim Seon-hyung’ director Kim Sang-joon, “Two nine-tailed foxes running”

“You have to see that two gumihos are running right before they become human (laughs).”

On the 8th, a press conference was held at the KBL Center with Oh Se-geun and Kim Sun-hyung. When the two players, who were classmates at Chung-Ang University, started playing together on the pro stage, Seoul SK, a lot of requests for interviews came in and the press conference was organized.

Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyeong were active at Chung-Ang University from 2007 to 2010. To be precise, he wore the Chung-Ang University uniform from the basketball party held in November 2006.

Kim Seon-hyeong said, “I haven’t lost once in 52 games. He played with the pressure of always winning over 20 points. If I didn’t do that, I was very scolded, and I remember playing as I decided if I wanted to.” Since I received the off-MVP, I think you can feel a little bit of that expectation if you think about the synergy between the two.”

Oh Se-geun said, “When I think about my college days, I only have memories of always having fun. When I was exercising, when I was playing, when I caught it, it ran, and when I ran again, I ran next to it. I defended from the front line, and there was a good synergy that made no sense. I played with various players such as Ham Joon-hoo and Park Chan-sung next to me,” he said. “It was always fun working with Kim Seon-hyung. Exercising was ridiculously difficult, but I overcame it well, and now I’m older, but it’s my mission and goal to create synergy when I was young.”

The coach who led Chung-Ang University at the time was Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon.

After winning 70-60 against Kyunghee University on the 8th, coach Kim Sang-jun, who met, recalled the pleasant days of Chung-Ang University when he mentioned the press conference between Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung.

“The time to start winning is when you are with those players. It was always fun to see those players. When I see it, director Jeon Heechul will be very happy. Because if you talk about one, they are players who do two or three. From the director’s point of view, it’s too easy to teach.

They were players who knew what I wanted.메이저놀이터 They are already players who have been in sync with me to some extent even in college, but the years in the pros are very long. It should be seen that two nine-tailed foxes are running right before they become human (laughs). It really does look like that. Such an overdose until Warney. Then it won’t be easy because it’s three nine-tailed foxes (opponent teams facing SK).”

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