Oh Hyun-gyu’s Celtic, ‘Cho Kyu-sung rumors’ Will Rangers receive Guard of Honor?

Can Celtic, the champion of the 22-23 Scottish Premiership (SPFL), receive the ‘Guard of Honor’ from rival Rangers?

Football fans’ eyes are focused on whether Celtic, which coincidentally met its biggest rival right after confirming the championship at Hearts last week, will be treated as the winner. Attention is also drawn to whether Oh Hyun-kyu, who scored the 4th goal of the season against Hearts and played a part in the team’s championship, will score.안전놀이터

‘Guard of Honor’ is a congratulatory rite sent by the opposing team to the team that has confirmed the championship. When the winning team players enter, the opposing players line up on both sides and applaud. Kim Min-jae of Napoli, who became the Serie A champion, also received the Guard of Honor in the last game against Fiorentina. However, it is often a tool for nerve warfare. In the case of Celtic right now, the Rangers who won the last 20-21 season have rejected the Guard of Honor. Can Celtic, whose position has changed after two years, receive applause from Rangers?

Hyunkyu Oh_Celtic FC Official SNS

How far Oh Hyun-kyu’s score will lead is drawing interest from domestic fans. Oh Hyeon-gyu, who showed a clear presence by scoring a key goal in the game that confirmed the team’s championship, will once again receive attention in the ‘Old Firm Derby’ against rival Rangers. Celtic have five matches left this season, both league and cup. Attention is focused on how many goals Oh Hyun-kyu will finish his European debut season.

Apart from the Guard of Honor, the match between Rangers and Celtic is always a fierce rivalry. It is receiving tremendous attention that it was even selected as one of the top 5 derby matches by FIFA. There is even news that the Rangers have begun recruiting Cho Kyu-sung, so there is a possibility that Oh Hyun-kyu and Cho Kyu-sung will become a Korean derby next year.

This game, which is expected to have a lot to see, such as the heat of the derby, Guard of Honor, and Oh Hyun-kyu’s scoring challenge, kicks off at 8:30 pm on Saturday the 13th.

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