Not ‘as you worry’, but ‘as you think’

“Heoshimilta (虛心一打) and Sucheojakju (隨處作主)” In the

17th hole of the Palgong Country Club IN course and the start of Geoje View CC, ‘Heoshimilta’ in Chinese characters and ‘Sujujakcheo’ at the 5th hole of the Suncheon Pine Hills CC Pine course. You can see the signboard. It contains the meaning of emptying the mind and the meaning of doing according to the will of the owner. Real golf is like that. There are various variables, and it has a game property that laughs and cries over a small golf ball in the great outdoors. You can personally experience the old golf proverb, ‘Moksaengdosa’ (木生道死, living by being hit by a tree, dying by being hit by a road), which comes from many experiences. In golf, stepping back is the way to avoid the worst. This is no different for pros and amateurs. There’s a clear difference between when you need to be adventurous and when you don’t. Responsibility for that decision rests with everyone.

◆ The difference between ‘as you worry’ and ‘as you think’

My physical condition is fine,토토사이트 but on days when I have a lot of thoughts, golf doesn’t go as I want. People who hit badly go the way they were worried about, and people who hit well go the way they thought. Actually it is. Every time I hold the grip, if I drag on for a while, the grip is generally unstable, resulting in a lot of miss shots. A good hitter shouts ‘one-two-three’ in his heart according to his own rhythm, and keeps hitting soft good shots.

Also, when there is an ambiguous distance left, amateurs agonize over whether to grab a wood or utility or choose a long iron (4, 5, 6), and end up regretting it when a bad shot comes out. But pros enter with a strategy from the tee shot. The second shot is almost the decision of the mind when the hole starts. To put it simply, thinking too much only increases the chance of a miss shot. But in the long run, it’s comforting to think that repeating mistakes is part of the process of getting better. What is clear is that you have to gradually improve from ‘what you worry about’ to ‘what you think’.

◆When taking a trouble shot, ‘safe bread’ is generally the best

trouble shot, whether professional or amateur, it is better to aim for escape. Hitting with a probability within 10% is the way to ruin the hole. To put it simply, it can lead to triples, quadruples, and onions even though you have to block it as much as you can see.

Ko Jin-young (27), the world’s No. 1 in women’s golf, also had a major accident with a quadruple bogey in the third round of the LPGA Tour Dio Implant LA Open held at Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, California last April. Her second shot drew and she fell into the left penalty area, a deep creek she called a ‘barranca’ (gorge). She made a bold escape, but the ball hit the top of the wall, came back down, and tried again on the green on the mud, but it hit the wall again and fell. Only then did Ko Jin-young give up the mud shot. Still, Ko Jin-young shone with her professional spirit. After the game, she confidently said, “She played not bad today, only had a big mistake on the 17th hole. But this is golf. I have no regrets.”

In Qingdao Grace, my second shot also landed under the chin of a steep bunker, and she couldn’t get out even after hitting 5 times. In the end she had to give up the hole with an onion. It is regrettable that I wished I had taken a penalty stroke and hit it with two clubs behind me.

◆Under the seabed, ‘indomitable will’ outside the pile

Even amateurs generally take a 2 penalty stroke for OB (Out of Bound) as a local rule, play the fourth shot from an OB tee, or take a walking 1 penalty stroke from the second shot and stand on the spot hit again A ball on the line is regarded as good luck and can be shot from there. However, it is easy to argue over whether or not even this is over the stakes. If you are an OB with 2 or more companions, it is better not to quarrel anymore.

The problem occurs more with hazard shots. In the case of a hazard, as long as the ball is alive, it allows you to hit it without touching it. However, in this case, it is safer in many ways to be satisfied with escaping the ball with a short iron or to declare unflairable (not allowed to hit the ball) and go to the hazard tee. However, I have witnessed countless cases of failure while challenging with ‘indomitable will’.

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