‘New record again’ male Gye-young shot Asian Games golden hope

A new record and a new record. Although there was no medal for the first time in history, the Korean men’s relay team gave hope. Medals at the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games and Paris Olympics are also worth looking forward to.

The Korean relay team consisting of Hwang Seon-woo, Kim Woo-min (Gangwon Provincial Government), Lee Ho-jun (Daegu Metropolitan City), and Yang Jae-hun (Gangwon Provincial Government) competed at the 16th International Swimming Federation (FINA) World Swimming Championships held in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th (Korean time). (25m) In the men’s relay 800m final, she recorded 6:49:67, placing 4th out of 8 countries. 

The national team was aiming for the first world championship team medal in history, but missed it in front of a notice. At the final 775m point, he allowed overtaking, and failed to win a medal by taking a touchpad with a record of only 0.04 seconds from third place Italy. 

However, the Korean relay team set a new record. The national team, which recorded 6 minutes 55 seconds 24 in the previous preliminaries and advanced the previous Korean record of 7 minutes 19 seconds 69 set at the 2006 World Swimming 토토 Championships by as much as 24 seconds 45, set a new record by setting the record even further in the finals. It was a feat that came out after 12 years. 

He also set a new record for the team event in an international competition. The 6th place in the men’s 800m relay at the Long Course World Swimming Championships held in Budapest, Hungary in June was Korea’s best result in the team event at the World Swimming Championships, but it was ranked 4th that day, replacing the best result. 

Now, naturally, the gaze leads to the Asian Games and the Olympics. In the meantime, Korea has stood out in the Asian Games and Olympic individual events, but has never won a gold medal in the team event. It was difficult to achieve the feat with only one star due to the nature of the team event, in which all four players had to choose and perform outstandingly, not just one person. 

However, as the Korean relay team continues to record new records and compete for medals, there is hope. Attention is focused on whether the Korean relay team, which has shown potential with its outstanding skills, will be able to win its first gold medal in the team event at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.