Lee Jung-hoo and Ryu Hyun-jin who want to go to ML?

Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, who is called the best active player in the KBO League, has officially entered the major leagues.

It is reported that Lee Jung-hoo visited the Gocheok Sky Dome club office in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 19th and expressed his will to the club.

Lee Jung-hoo, who joined in 2017, has been playing full-time since his first year of debut, and if he plays until the 2023 season, he will fill in the 7th season to be named in the posting system.

The posting system refers to a method in which Korean or Japanese professional baseball players advance to the major leagues through open or closed bidding according to an agreement before becoming a free agent (FA).

The rules were established in 1998, and the first player to apply this system was Lee Sang-hoon of LG in 1998, and Ichiro Suzuki of Orix in 2001 among Japanese players.

After several revisions, the current regulations are completely open and the posting amount is determined according to the size of the contract. A player who has obtained the consent of the original team freely negotiates with 30 major league teams for 30 days, and the posting fee is determined when a contract is reached.

First, if the guaranteed amount is less than $25 million, 20% of the amount is paid to the original team, △ if the guaranteed amount is less than 메이저놀이터 $50 million, 17.5% of the amount exceeding $5 million and $25 million is paid to the original team. Payment, △If the guaranteed contract amount exceeds $50 million, $9.375 million and 15% of the amount exceeding $50 million are paid to the original team. In addition to the guaranteed amount, options, etc., are paid back to the original team according to the achievement.

This regulation has been in effect since 2018, and Kim Gwang-hyun, who joined St. Louis in 2020, and Kim Ha-seong, who wore a San Diego uniform last year, followed the same procedure.

In other words, Kim Ha-seong, who signed a 28 million dollar contract for 4 years, was paid 5 million dollars and 525,000 dollars, or 5.525 million dollars, which was 17.5% of the total contract size, as a posting fee and paid to the original team Kiwoom.

The highest posting fee ever by a Korean player is Ryu Hyun-jin, who transferred to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, with 25,737,737 dollars and 33 cents.

At that time, Ryu Hyun-jin signed a contract with the Dodgers for 36 million dollars for 6 years. If the current regulation is applied, the posting fee that the original team, Hanwha, will receive is 7.2 million dollars, which is less than one-third.

This also means that the cost of Ryu Hyun-jin’s posting is not broken. In order for the posting cost to be paid to the original team to exceed 25,737,737 dollars and 33 cents, a contract worth 160 million dollars, which is more than the 155 million dollars (7 years) that Masahiro Tanaka, the highest amount ever for posting in Korea and Japan, signed with the New York Yankees must occur

The Japanese top-class hitters who have recently entered the major leagues are Seiya Suzuki and Masataka Yoshida, and many are compared to them because they are outfielders like Lee Jung-hoo. All of them failed to exceed the $100 million mark with 85 million dollars in 5 years and 90 million dollars in 5 years, respectively.