Kim Ga-young, Kim Jin-ah idol showdown, Throng, Baek Min-joo hard hitting showdown, Kim Bo-mi-Sakai, Kim Se-yeon-Higa Korea-Japan match-High1 LPBA Championship

Kim Jin-ah is between joy and worry. She is overjoyed for her first LPBA quarterfinals, but worried about having to fight her childhood idol and her team (Hana Card) senior Kim Ga-Young in the quarterfinals.

Kim Jin-ah looked up to Kim Ga-young from the time she started playing pool. She wanted to be like him someday, and as a result, she wanted to imitate Kim Ga-young because she was so cool even frowning before taking a shot.

Her pocket ball, where Gayoung Kim went first, Jinah Kim, who followed the path of her 3 cushions, advanced to the quarterfinals in her fifth appearance as a pro, and competed with Gayoung Kim, her idol and her older sister, for the 4th round. .

The chances of Kim Jin-ah winning are not very high. Kim Ga-young is the strongest player who has evolved to another level this year. Kim Jin- ah is the first to even make it to the quarterfinals, but she is a 4-time winner who won 4 tournaments, including the match against King Wang.

Kim Ga-young, who defeated her multi-crown contender Lim Jeong-suk 2-0, is very strong. However, billiards is an unexpected game where the sewage catches the master. You have to win and lose to know.

Baek Min-joo uses powerful strokes. Not as good as male players. He is still not fully matured, but he is improving his skills more and more. He made the quarterfinals at the Huons tournament in October, which was held right in front of him .

He thrashed Oh Su-jeong 2-0 in the round of 16 and Orie Hida 3-0 in the quarter-final. In the semifinals, she lost to Lim Jung-suk 2-3, and missed the final.

Throng’s shot is also masculine. There is power. In terms of strength, Minju Baek is better, but in terms of overall skills, Throng is on a level. It’s never an easy match.

Throng has already racked up three wins, even in his second year as a pro. In the four competitions this year, there was one win, one runner-up, and one quarterfinal.

There is no comparison with white people. However, even Throng was eliminated in the round of 32 survival match at 안전놀이터 the Huons tournament, where he reached the quarterfinals. If you stick to it without fear, unexpected results may come out.

Kim Se-yeon and Kim Bo-mi unexpectedly had a Korea-Japan match. Kim Se-yeon fights Higashiuchi and Kim Bo-mi fights Sakai.

Higashiuchi defeated Jeon Ae-rin 2-0. It is the 8th round in a row following the previous tournament. In the quarterfinals of the last Huons tournament, after beating Bora Kim 3-1, she advanced to the semifinals.

Kim Se-yeon suffered quite a bit in the round of 16. It wasn’t because her opponent, Lee Yu-ju, was difficult. He didn’t have a good shot. He took 42 innings to win 2-1.

The first set was 19 innings, the second set was 10 innings, and the third set was 13 innings. He was fortunate to win a come-from-behind victory by one point in the third set. It was thanks to Lee Yu-joo’s mistake as she just cut off the queue.

Kim Bo-mi defeated Song Min-jung in a come-from-behind victory. It was far away when they lost the first set 3:11, but as if to prove their recent upward trend, they finally won.

Song Min-jeong pushed Kim Ga-young to second place in the survival match in the round of 32. Because of that, I had a round of 16 match against Song Min-jung, not Kim Ga-young. Was it by luck?

Sakai Ayako is a consistent player who reached the quarterfinals in the last tournament. She came up by beating Orie Hida, the living legend of Japanese three-cushion.

It’s a worthy opponent. Looking at her Kim Bo-mi, many officials are unanimous. ‘It’s time to win once… ‘

The quarterfinals of the 2022 High1 Resort LPBA Championship, each with its own story, will be held at Jeongseon High1 Resort at 4:30 pm on the 13th.

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