Kane joining Munich “Complicated emotions and heavy heart”… Expressed sorry feelings to Tottenham

Harry Kane, who is about to sign for Germany’s most prestigious Bayern Munich, conveyed a heavy heart rather than joy or gladness. It seems that he is not a little sorry for leaving Tottenham, which has raised him since he was a child.

Kane finished the medical test in Munich, Germany on the 12th and finished all the procedures to sign with the team that recently won the German Bundesliga 11 times in a row.

Florian Plettenberg, who is in charge of Munich at Sky Sports in Germany, reported on the 12th at 5:00 am (Korean time), “Kane has completed the medical test,” and “Kane will wear a shirt with the number 9 on it.”

Germany’s Bild also announced that Kane received a health checkup at Barun Heitzige Hospital in Munich, and that the Munich official was right in front of him.

Transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano also said, “Kane has completed the medical test. The announcement of the contract remains.”

Kane and his wife, Katie Kane, departed Stansted Airport, London, England at 1:00 am on the 12th and arrived at Munich Airport at 3:00 am. When Tottenham approved the transfer of Kane on the 10th, Munich sent a plane to bring him to London the next day, the 11th. In the middle, as Tottenham demanded renegotiation, Kane stopped the car to Stansted Airport and waited at home.

Munich is expected to announce the recruitment of Kane on the afternoon of the 12th.

Before leaving Stansted Airport for Munich, Kane gave a glimpse of his feelings. Kane, who responded to an interview at the airport with Sky Sports, a channel that broadcasts the Premier League in England, said, “It’s a heavy heart and complicated feelings,” but “It was too difficult to refuse this transfer.”

It is believed that the meaning of the heavy heart conveyed by Kane is probably the mixed feelings about leaving Tottenham.

Kane paid a lot of attention to the beautiful farewell to Tottenham while promoting this trip to Munich. His brother Charlie Kane acted as an agent, and his wife Katie Kane visited Munich alone to find a house and school for their children to live.

Rather, he performed all of Tottenham’s pre-season schedule and did his best with enthusiasm, such as wearing the captain’s armband. It was different from the appearance of being somewhat insincere in training when promoting Manchester City transfer two years ago. Tottenham initially pushed for a renewal of the contract with Kane and stubbornly refused to go to Munich, but Kane waited quietly.

Then the door opened. The background of Kane’s sluggish transfer to Munich was because Tottenham decided that it was right to send Kane with one year left in the contract period when Munich offered the amount they wanted.

On the 10th, the global sports media The Athletic said, “Munich has reached an agreement with Tottenham over Kane.” “Munich’s proposal worth more than 100 million euros (approximately 145 billion won) has been accepted by Tottenham, and Kane has now decided whether to transfer. He said, “I have to do it,” announcing that the transfer had entered the final stage, and his transfer to Munich was on the fast track.

On the 11th, The Athletic said, “Kane agreed to join Munich and was offered a 4-year contract. Kane received a medical test from Tottenham and is waiting for approval to complete the transfer.” They said it was imminent.

Munich has been working hard to bring Kane. After the transfer of Roberto Lewandowski, Munich, which showed a sharp decline in performance due to the absence of a forward striker, brought Kane and made all-out efforts to challenge the UEFA Champions League again next season. 

Munich persuaded Tottenham after four proposals.

Munich, who offered 70 million euros (approximately 99 billion won) as the first offer, but was rejected with a single knife, made a second offer that was raised to 80 million euros (approximately 114.5 billion won) with an option added, but even this did not satisfy Tottenham. Afterwards, he headed directly to London for the third proposal. However, the negotiations did not reach an agreement immediately, and only the gap between the two teams was confirmed.

Munich made a third offer, including a transfer fee of more than 100 million euros, but Tottenham rejected even that offer, and the negotiations seemed to go wrong. However, Munich did not give up. German media ‘Welt’ said, “Munich has not yet given up on Kane’s transfer negotiations. According to the news, Munich and Tottenham management started new negotiations from Tuesday evening. Their meeting lasted until dawn.” Reported.

In the end, Tottenham couldn’t insist on the decision to keep him unconditionally in a situation where Kane refused to renew his contract. Munich accepted the fourth offer. According to reports, Munich’s fourth offer is known to exceed £100 million (approximately 167.7 billion won).

According to Bild, the base transfer fee of 100 million euros includes a performance transfer fee of 20 million euros.

From the point of view of Tottenham, as much as sending the signature striker to Munich, he received a huge transfer fee.

After the agreement between Munich and Tottenham, the next step Kane had to take was a medical test. Along with the news of Kane’s agreement, news followed that he would head straight to Munich. 

European football transfer market expert reporter Fabrizio Romano said on his social media on the 11th, “Kane has received permission from Tottenham to undergo a medical test prior to the transfer. Munich is growing more confident in signing Kane within the coming Friday. . Now only the last details remain,” said Kane, who even received medical permission, and said that there was nothing more to discuss other than details. 

However, the moment many people paid attention to the confirmation of Kane’s transfer, Tottenham tackled him. ‘Sky Sports Germany’ explained on the 11th, “According to our information, Kane had a ‘green light’ for the transfer to Munich and was on his way to London airport to catch a plane.”

“However, Tottenham canceled Kane’s flight schedule while interfering with the transfer because they wanted to negotiate again with Munich,” he said. “Kane is now waiting in the car until the club allows him to board the plane for a medical test.” Kane’s transfer is said to be temporarily suspended. According to the news that followed, Tottenham are known to have suspended negotiations to change additional transfer fees and details.

Fans complained of frustration at Tottenham’s move to block Kane’s departure after all negotiations between the clubs had already been completed, and Munich had no choice but to wait anxiously for Kane’s transfer approval to drop.

His flight to Munich had been cancelled.

British media reported that Kane’s flight was canceled as Tottenham demanded further discussions on the bonus option.

However, it was concluded that his canceled flight to Munich took off again at 11:50 pm on the 11th, Korea time, and Kane arrived late due to London traffic jam, and after an hour delay, he flew vigorously from the airport.

“Tottenham didn’t allow Kane to fly out for a medical test during the transfer negotiations, but now they have clearly allowed him to leave,” Sky Sports reported. I emphasized it,” and announced that Kane headed to Munich without any problems.

In addition to Bilt, Alesdair Gold, a reporter from Football London who is well versed in Tottenham news, and Simon Stone, a reporter from the British public broadcaster BBC, also acknowledged that Tottenham still allowed Kane to go to Munich, and Kane was able to arrive in Munich, and the Munich club was able to arrive in Munich as soon as he arrived. I completed the Medi-Pac test in an instant.

This is not the first time Daniel Levy, who is in charge of managing Tottenham, has shown such a capricious attitude in the transfer of a Tottenham star player, or has shown a fussy aspect, so Kane’s flight to Munich was canceled. was also considered

Manchester United legendary manager Alex Ferguson also said, “It’s more painful than hip surgery” after negotiating with Levy to sign Dimitar Berbatov in 2008. It drove them crazy. Every time an agreement was reached, he kept asking for another,” admits Levy’s notoriety. 

On the other hand, on the day Kane came to Munich, the coaches of both Munich and Tottenham explained that the Ace’s move was true.

Coach Tuchel held a pre-press conference on the 11th ahead of the 2023/24 season DFL (German Football League)-Super Cup against RB Leipzig held at the Illianz Arena in Munich, Germany at 3:45 am on the 13th (Korean time). attended

“Maybe reporters know more about where Kane is and what he’s doing than I do,” said Tuchel. “he said. “We are working intensively on the recruitment of Kane,” he added.

When asked about the situation in which he could not use Kane in the match against Leipzig because he could not complete the signing of Kane before the Super Cup, Coach Tuchel said calmly, saying that he would fight alongside his existing players.

“All options are open. Kane is not our player right now,” he said.

It was a positive negative. In particular, with a big smile, Tuhel implied that the striker he wanted was right in front of the training ground. Tuchel has reportedly wanted Kane since he was at Chelsea in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new head coach Engie Postecoglu showed a calm reaction to Kane’s transfer.

Coach Postecoglu attended a pre-press conference on the 11th ahead of the opening game of the 2023/24 season Premier League against Brentford, which will be held at the G-Tech Community Stadium in London, England at 10:00 pm on the 13th (Korean time).

At the pre-press conference, coach Postecoglu could not avoid questions about Tottenham ace and world-class striker Kane.

“I had a conversation with Kane on the first day, and then I was given an indication that Kane would leave if the two clubs agreed,” Postecoglu said.

“All the information I have right now is that I understand that the Kane transfer is going on. That gives us some clarity,” he said. I will go without Kane,” he added.

“Kane is undoubtedly one of Tottenham’s greatest players and his record speaks volumes about his status,” he said. He praised Kane’s achievements at Tottenham. Regarding Kane’s departure, “We’ve been planning this for a while, and a lot of our work so far has had this in mind.” It wasn’t, it was in the plan from day one.”

Kane is a person who goes beyond Tottenham and is comparable to a Premier League living legend.

Kane, who joined Tottenham’s youth team in 2004 at the age of 11, was called up to the senior team in 2011 and took the first step towards becoming one of the best players in the Premier League today.

Kane, who announced his potential by scoring 3 goals in 10 Premier League matches in the 2013/14 season, exploded with 21 goals in 34 matches in the 2014/15 season, instantly rising to become the top Premier League striker. Since then, he has scored 213 goals in 317 Premier League matches to this day, ranking second in the league’s all-time scoring list. He also scored 280 goals in 435 matches for Tottenham alone, including the European Football Federation (UEFA) club competition.

However, Kane struggled a lot because he had never lifted a championship trophy throughout his active career, and when Munich sent a strong love call with one year remaining in his contract with Tottenham, he did not refuse it and chose a fresh start.

Kane is now saying goodbye to his splendid life as a striker in the world of football and is over 30 years old and is trying to cross the threshold of Bundesliga Munich for a trophy.

It is a situation where he is going to join Munich after twists and turns, but it is expected that there will be no problem with Kane’s performance.

As a top-class striker this summer, Kane received applause on the ground for his leisurely moves. In particular, in a friendly match against Shakhtar Donetsk, a prestigious Ukrainian club on the 7th, which was held as a final rehearsal at Tottenham’s home stadium ahead of the opening of the Premier League, he exploded four goals and led Tottenham to a 5-1 victory. This game ended up being Kane’s farewell gift to the fans as he presented many goals.메이저놀이터

Kane’s ransom is also a new Bundesliga transfer fee record.

Until now, the highest transfer fee ever in the Bundesliga was 80 million euros for defender Luca Hernandez, who came to Munich from Spain’s Atletico Madrid in 2019. Matteis de Ligt, who settled in Munich from Juventus in Italy last summer, recorded 67 million euros. However, if the 30-year-old Kane included the option, it would exceed 50% of Hernandez’s transfer fee.

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