Jeonbuk sinking’ Pohang’s Baekseong-dong K-League 1 5R MVP… K-League 2 is Seongnam Chris

Pohang’s Baek Seong-dong, who destroyed Jeonbuk on an expedition, was selected as the 5th round MVP of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’.

Baek Seong-dong scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the match between Jeonbuk and Pohang held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 1st, leading Pohang to a 2-1 victory.

Baek Seong-dong, who was substituted at the start of the second half of the day, scored the equalizer in the 12th minute by finishing a cross from the right side with his left foot. Afterwards, Baek Seong-dong raised a cross from the left flank just before the end of the second half to help Jeka’s theater goal and added one assist.안전놀이터 Pohang won a thrilling 2-1 come-from-behind victory thanks to Baek Sung-dong’s performance on the day.

The best team in the 5th round of the K League 1 is Ulsan. Ulsan won 3-1 against Jeju at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 2nd (Sun) with Jung Seung-hyun, Joo Min-gyu and Kang Yun-gu scoring consecutive goals. With this victory, Ulsan continued its opening five-game winning streak and consolidated its lead in the league.

The best match of the K-League 1 round 5 was the match between Daejeon and Seoul held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 1st. On this day, Daejeon was leading 2-0 with Seoul Osmar’s own goal in the 14th minute and Jo Yoo-min’s opening goal in the 20th minute, while Ilyuchenko in the 24th minute in the first half and Na Sang-ho in the 5th minute in the second half scored consecutive goals, giving Seoul a 2-2 lead. created a tie-breaking situation. 

Amidst the tight flow of both teams, Daejeon Massa scored the winning goal in the 43rd minute of the second half, ending the game with Daejeon winning 3-2.

K-League 2 Round 5 MVP is Seongnam Chris.

Chris scored multiple goals in the match between Seongnam and Chungbuk Cheongju held at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 1st, leading Seongnam to a 3-2 victory.

On this day, Seongnam Lee Jong-ho and Chris, Chungbuk Cheongju George, and Lee Seung-jae all scored a hot goal feast and were selected as the best match of the 5th round of K-League 2.

The best team in the 5th round of the K League 2 is Anyang. In the match against Chungnam Asan held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 1st, Anyang won 3-0 thanks to Kim Dong-jin’s multiple goals and Jonathan’s additional goal. With this victory, Anyang continued their undefeated streak (3 wins, 2 draws) this season.

[Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 5R MVP, Best 11, Team, Match]

MVP: Baek Seong-dong (Pohang)

Best 11

FW: Baek Seong-dong (Pohang), Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), Jeka (Pohang)

MF: Min-ki Lee (Gwangju), Kang Yun-gu (Ulsan), Park Han-bin (Gwangju), Martha (Daejeon)

DF: Grant (Pohang), Jo Yu-min (Daejeon), Jeong Seung-hyeon (Ulsan)

GK: Jo Hyeon-woo (Ulsan)

Best Team: Ulsan

Best Match: Daejeon (3) vs ( 2) Seoul

[Hana 1Q K League 2 2023 5R MVP, Best 11, Team, Match]

MVP: Chris (Seongnam)

Best 11

FW: Chris (Seongnam), Glayson (Gyeongnam), Plana (Jeonnam)

MF: Andrigo ( Anyang), Kwon Hyeok-gyu (Busan), Kim Jeong-hyeon (Anyang)

DF: Kim Dong-jin (Anyang), Park Jae-hwan (Gyeongnam), Kang Kang-bin (Seongnam), Yeo Seung-won (Jeonnam)

GK: Park Seong-soo (Anyang)

Best Team: Anyang

Best Match: Seongnam (3) vs. (2) Chungbuk Cheongju

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