Hwang Seung-bin, the setter who became ‘KB’s No. 3 player’ “I will prove my worth”

Hwang Seung-bin, the setter, has now become the number 3 player of KB Insurance.

KB Insurance and Woori Card conducted a trade on the 25th. KB Insurance gave outside hitter Han Seong-jeong and recruited setter Hwang Seung-bin. Hwang Seung-bin changed his new uniform after only one season.

Hwang Seung-bin, born in 1992, was selected by Korean Air as the 5th pick in the first round of the 2014 rookie draft. However, it was difficult to establish himself as the main setter. He had veteran Han Seon-su, and in 2019, another veteran Yoo Kwang-woo transferred to Korean Air. Hwang Seung-bin’s position was bound to narrow. Nevertheless, Hwang Seung-bin was a setter who was classified as having an immediate sense of power.

In the end, Hwang Seung-bin made his nest with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through a trade in 2021. Hwang Seung-bin, who took the opportunity, played 126 sets in 33 matches in the 2021-22 season, setting a record for the most appearances since his professional debut. Just a year later, I wore the Woori Card uniform again as a trade. In the 2022-23 season, he even took on the captaincy, leaving a record of 140 sets in 36 matches. He was also named second in league sets (10.3 per set).

Hwang Seung-bin’s 4th team in the V-League is KB Insurance. Hwang Seung-bin joined KB Insurance on the 26th and started training. On the 29th, he revealed his firm determination in a phone call with The Spike, saying, “I will prove my worth.”

It is the third transfer. Hwang Seung-bin couldn’t be more pleased. He said, “After one season, I moved the team again. He honestly thought, ‘Is this really good?’ Still, as coach Shin Young-cheol said, I thought it was right to go to an environment where I could play volleyball better.”

Hwang Seung-bin said, “I used to make big and small attempts on my own during training while playing volleyball. For example, I tried to find a style that fits well by making changes that only I can understand, such as changing the shape of my hands slightly or changing the steps of my feet. At the same time he gets used to the sensation. He is trying to find the toss he did with confidence again,” he said with strength.

Transfers are always new. You have to adapt to the new teammates, the play and the team atmosphere. In response, Hwang Seung-bin said, “The first time is always awkward. But since I’ve done it twice, I don’t think there will be any major difficulties. In fact, when I transferred to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, it took quite a while to adapt, but when I went to Woori Card, that time was shortened.” (Baek) Gwanghyeon and I have been together at Korean Air, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and Sangmu for a long time, and (Hwang) Kyung-min was also at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance,” introducing the strong support group of KB Insurance.

KB Insurance also saved an hour. This is because Hwang Taek-eui, the main setter, enlisted in the Armed Forces Athletic Corps this year, leaving a gap. In the team, there are Shin Seung-hun, born in 2000, and Park Hyun-bin, born in 2004, but they have no experience of digesting the season as the main setter. They are potential setters, but the risks were obvious. Here, Hwang Seung-bin achieved a balanced balance by wearing a KB Insurance uniform.

After Hwang Seung-bin joined the team, he also talked with manager Hu In-jeong. He said, “The director told me to have fun. He said that the game is run by the setter, and he told me to play volleyball in joy.”

KB Insurance signed a new contract with foreign player Viyena this year. Regarding Viyena and Hwang Kyung-min, who were the main guns of the previous season, Hwang Seung-bin said, “When I was at Korean Air, I was with Viyena for a month or two after I was discharged from the management. At that time, Vyena was injured, so we couldn’t work together, but I’m personally looking forward to it. Vijena is not a player who covers the setter ball. He seems to be able to do better comfortably. Kyungmin also played at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. He seems to be able to match well,” he revealed.

KB Insurance is a team led by Hwang Taek-eui for seven consecutive seasons. Hwang Seung-bin also knows Hwang Taek-ui’s style well. He said, “Taek-eui made a pretty fast toss. The team color also focuses on speed. I also have to adapt well. I don’t think there will be any major difficulties,” he said confidently.

Hwang Seung-bin’s uniform number is still number 3. Until the university she was assigned number 2. Korean Air’s No. 2 was Han Seon-soo, so Hwang Seung-bin played in the No. 3 uniform from his professional debut. However, his KB Insurance uniform number 3 belonged to Shin Seung-hun. Hwang Seung-bin said, “For me, number 3 is a symbolic and special number. Fortunately, Seunghun said he would make concessions. He said that he was shameless and sorry, but he would accept it with a grateful heart. I think he should give you a small gift.”메이저놀이터

Finally, Hwang Seung-bin said, “I want to integrate well into the team. I want to play fun and interesting volleyball, and I want to prove my worth.” Hwang Seung-bin’s new challenge has begun. 

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