‘Emission crisis’ O’Grady, ‘win-win’ Alcantara… “Bitter spring” Japanese media pay attention

After the 2022 season, 8 clubs, excluding Lotte Giants and Samsung Lions, replaced at least one foreign player. There were also clubs that changed all three foreign players, such as Doosan Bears and SSG Landers. Among them, there were several players who visited the KBO League after experiencing Asian baseball called Nippon Professional Baseball.

Representatively, Raul Alcantara, who pitched in 27 games for KT Wiz in 2019 and had an average ERA of 4.01 with 11 wins and 11 losses and 20 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 2.54 in 31 games with Doosan in the 2020 season, transferred to the Hanshin Tigers in Japan. returned to the KBO league after 3 years through a contract with his ‘parent’ Doosan.

In addition, Eni Romero, who recorded 17-19 with an ERA of 3.60 in 45 games with the Chunichi Dragons and Chiba Lotte Marines, and the Hanwha Eagles with the Seibu Lions in the 2022 season, 1 win, 4 holds, 1 save in 20 games, an ERA of 3.29 , and Brian O’Grady, who played in 123 games for Seibu last year and recorded 15 homers, a batting average of 0.213, and an OPS of 0.696.

However, at this point, two out of four players who entered the KBO League after experiencing Japanese baseball left Korea. The first to pack was Smith, who belonged to Hanwha. He raised expectations with a good record of 1 win, undefeated average ERA of 1.42 in 3 demonstration games. However, in the regular season opener against Kiwoom Heroes, he complained of shoulder pain while pitching and voluntarily gave up, leaving only 2 runs (2 earned) in 2⅔ innings and suffered the humiliation of ‘release No. 1’.

The second to leave the KBO League was Romero, who was recruited amid concerns. During three seasons in Japan, Romero never played a full-time season due to injury. And the ominous feeling became a reality. Romero was diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome during a practice game in Okinawa, Japan, and eventually left the team after failing to show up in the regular season as well as in the exhibition game.

Some players are in danger of leaving the KBO league soon. It’s O’Grady. He hit three home runs in the exhibition game, but his batting average of 0.114 showed a lack of refinement. This continued into the regular season, and O’Grady is currently struggling with a batting average of 0.195 in 19 games. At the end of April, he went down to the second group amid extreme sluggishness, but there is no sign of a rebound.

The only one on the winning streak is ‘Ace’ Alcantara. Alcantara, who transferred to Hanshin after the 2020 season, only recorded 4 wins, 6 losses, 23 holds, 1 save, and an ERA of 3.96 over two seasons in Japan. However, after he returned to the KBO league, he is active with an average ERA of 1.50 with 4 wins and 2 losses in 8 regular season games. In particular, his pace is good enough to record quality starts (3 earned runs or less in 6 innings) in the last 5 consecutive games. He is quickly regaining his image when he won ’20’.

In the case of Smith and Romero, they are the players who were concerned from the time they were recruited. The reason why both Smith and Romero could not play full-time even in Japan due to ‘injuries’. Of course, there are differences in the injured area, but the ‘glass body’ has not changed. O’Grady also hit 15 homers in Japan, but he wasn’t a player with great sophistication, and that continues in the KBO League.

The Japanese media paid attention to the players who entered the KBO League after experiencing the Japanese stage. Japan’s ‘Full Count’ said on the 15th, “Alcantara reached 155 km in the match against KIA on the 14th. The voices are coming out,” he said.

The media continued,먹튀검증 “But it is a bitter spring for players who went to Korea for the first time.” Romero was released without throwing a single pitch due to injury. He said, “O’Grady is also having difficulties. There is no home run after the opening, and even after returning to the first team, 1 hit in 9 at-bats. In the second team, he left a difficult figure with a batting average of 0.179.”

‘Full Count’ said, “Alcantara, who played for Hanshin until last season and returned to Doosan, his home team from this year, is playing an ace-level performance. On the other hand, like Romero, who transferred from Chiba Lotte to SSG, a player who left Korea without throwing a single ball. He added, “It is a spring in which the contrasts of former foreign players of Nippon Professional Baseball who have found a new nest in the same Asia are greatly mixed.”

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