Chuncheon/Gangneung Citizens Football Team FA Cup 2nd round sortie

Chuncheon Citizens Football Team (hereinafter referred to as Chuncheon) and Gangneung Citizens Football Team (hereinafter referred to as Gangneung), which belong to the K3 League, will go to the second round of the FA Cup side by side.

Chuncheon, led by Chuncheon-born coach Jeong Seon-woo, will face off against Paju Citizens Soccer Team of the same K3 League at 7 p.m. on the 30th at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon. Chuncheon, who defeated Gimhae Jaemix Soccer Club in the K5 League 6-0 in the first round, challenges to advance to the third round.

Gangneung, led by Gangneung-born coach Kim Do-geun, will face Gyeongnam FC, a member of the K-League 2, at Gangneung Sports Complex at the same time. Gyeongnam, led by Seol Gi-hyeon, a native of Jeongseon, is a professional club, so it is not an easy opponent for Gangneung. Even Gyeongnam is a strong team that ranks second in the K-League 2 with an undefeated streak of 2 wins and 2 draws in the league this season.먹튀검증 However, Gangneung is determined to succeed in ‘Giant Killing’ at home.

The two teams played the K3 League home opener last weekend side by side, but Chuncheon drew and Gangneung suffered a defeat, failing to give victory to their home fans. Attention is focusing on whether Chuncheon and Gangneung will be able to present their fans with their first home win this season.

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