Bonggil Magic’ coach Kim Bong-gil, Chinese Yanben baton “Challenge the Super League within 3 years”

“We have to challenge the Super League within three years.”

It was the smile of director Kim Bong-gil of ‘Bonggil Magic’ who newly took the baton of Yenben Lungding. Coach Kim recently signed a contract with Yenven. Yanben, who finished third in the E-level league (Chinese tier 3 league) this season and succeeded in promotion to the tier 1 league (second division league), found a new leader. In the past, Yanben, who played in the Super League (1st division) under the name of Yanben Puder, suffered the pain of the team being disbanded due to the bankruptcy of the sponsor. After being re-founded as Yanben FC and then renamed Yanben Lungding, Yanben remained deeply nostalgic for the Korean coach who led the team’s golden age. Yenben, who conveyed his will to look to the Super League by being promoted to the top-level league, suddenly appointed manager Kim. Director Kim said, “The call came suddenly. Personally, I felt stagnant, and Yenben’s will was very strong.”

To director Kim, China was both a land of opportunity and a land of pain. Coach Kim, who tasted failure in the under-23 national team, continued to coach 메이저놀이터 at Kyonggi University. Then, an unexpected love call came from China. It was the creation of Shaanxi in the first grade league. Coach Kim was suffering from financial difficulties, and he took charge of Shanxi, which was said to be a success even if he stayed, and changed it to a mid-level team. He maintained the modifier ‘Bongil Magic’ in China with his unique fast pressure and aggressive football. Coach Kim, who had been receiving love calls from the lower-ranking Super League teams and upper-tier teams in the Super League, put down the Sanshi baton and took on a new challenge. He went through the absurd thing that the team was suddenly disbanded a day before the signing after all the negotiations were over.

Coach Kim, who stayed in China, was recognized for his leadership with his performance in Shaanxi, and was immediately inaugurated as the coach of the Yunnan under-18 national team. For two years from 2020, he devoted all his energy to nurturing young players. Director Kim said, “I had fun with the kids. I worked hard and felt rewarded.” Still, his thirst for the professional stage could not be quenched. His suggestions continued. Last year, he received a love call from a K-League 2 club. The terms of the contract did not match. Director Kim saw another opportunity in China. Eventually, an offer came from Yenven, and I finally got another chance.

Coach Kim said, “It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t continue the flow in Shaanxi, but that was also my destiny.” He expressed his determination, saying, “I remember a lot of memories of Yenben’s heyday, and they were looking forward to it. I will take on a new challenge with the goal of promotion to the Super League within three years.” On the 25th, coach Kim is scheduled to join Kunming, a training ground.