Barcelona, ​​back to the ‘classic’… Leaked red and blue striped uniforms

Is it ‘Classic is the Best’? Barcelona’s kit next season is expected to be neat red vertical stripes again.

Barcelona’s new kit for the 2023-2024 season has been leaked. It has a basic design with large red and blue stripes. After going through vertical stripes, check patterns, and raglan-designed uniforms that are being worn this season, they are back to their former self.

‘Footy Headline’ has revealed the early design of Barcelona’s home kit for next season. Wide ‘blaugrana’ stripes are included, and the Nike and Spotify logos are printed in white. This season’s sponsor logo is different from the one printed in yellow.

If you look closely at the uniform,토토사이트 the detailed features stand out. There is a wavy pattern on the edge of the stripe, which is presumed to have been inspired by the diamond pattern used by the women’s team.

‘Footy Headline’ explained, “Noble red and deep royal colors were used. They are the same as those used in 2017 and 2021, and are similar to the colors of the 1970s uniforms.”

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