After all, ‘Golf Emperor’ Woods, but… US media “Not enough to compete”

Tiger Woods (USA) returned to the field again. However, it is evaluated that he is not yet in good condition to participate in the tournament.

On the 11th (Korean time), Woods formed a team with Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) at the Pelican Golf Club in Bel Air, Florida, USA, and started the ‘The Match’ event competition with Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth (above USA).

Woods, who returned 5 months after the Open Open in July, was defeated by Thomas-Speeth by a 3-hole car, but his driver shot ball speed was 182 miles (approximately 293 km), and he seemed to be regaining his prime.

US Golf.com said, “Woods’ shot was not particularly sharp. He swinged as if he relied more on his upper body strength rather than using the 토토 ground reaction force with his lower body. Nevertheless, what was impressive was the par 4 hole that was over 450 yards long. I came out with a 5-iron, not a driver,” he said, highlighting Woods’ appearance.

However, the local media, who saw Woods play in person, gave somewhat skeptical evaluations. This is because Woods still has trouble walking. Last week, he withdrew from the Hero World Challenge hosted by his foundation due to plantar fasciitis. The reason he was able to compete in this event match was because it was a 12-hole event, and he was able to ride a cart, so his legs weren’t particularly strained.

Nonetheless, Woods frowned as he walked between contests. A limp was also occasionally spotted. Golf.com reported that “even a short walk across the green seemed difficult.” 

In particular, Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters is held, where Woods wants to participate, is more disadvantageous to Woods because of its hilly terrain. Even if it is not the Masters, if you participate in a regular tournament, you have to walk down 18 holes.

US Golf Digest also said, “Considering the three games he actually played last season and his current form, it’s hard to imagine Woods completing 72 holes in the near future. He’ll try, but it’s getting less and less fun to see Woods in pain. will,” he said.

However, the presence of the golf emperor itself drives golf fans crazy. Woods will be competing with his son Charlie at the PNC Championships event this week.

Golf.com said, “Woods looked happy throughout the game. Again, it’s a casual tournament, but he’ll soon jump back into competition. He’s going to play at the PNC Championship with his son. As usual, the golf world will pay attention to him.”

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