‘8 times 3 points’ Israel beat Nicaragua [WBC]

Israel defeated Nicaragua in Group D of the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Israel won 3-1 in the game against Nicaragua held at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida on the 13th (Korean time). With this victory, they took one win, and Nicaragua recorded two losses.

In the bottom of the eighth, everything turned upside down. In a 0-1 situation, he scored 3 points and changed the result at once.

Spencer Horwitz’s left-handed hit in 1st, 1st and 2nd base tied the score, and the chance to load the bases continued.

Michael Wiranski hit a grounder in front of the pitcher and got a runner out at home, but it didn’t lead to double play. Nicaragua requested a video review, claiming that Ryan Ravanway, who was coming home during this process, interfered with catcher Melvin Novoa’s defense, but the decision was not changed.

This video reading played a crucial role. The next hitter, Garrett Stubbs, scored the winning run by hitting a two-out double with the bases loaded by the left fielder.

The Israeli batting line played a frustrating game with 2 hits in 9 at-bats and 11 left bases in scoring range, but did not miss the last chance.메이저놀이터

Starter Dean Cremer played his part, recording 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and no runs in 4 innings.

Nicaragua took the lead first with Stephen Leighton’s double in the fifth, but then failed to score an extra run and paid the price.

Jonathan Loaiji allowed 3 runs only in the 8th inning and became the losing pitcher of the game.

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