“70 points” setter Lee Yun-jeong, ‘Strong Heart’ rookie makes older sisters dance [★Field]

There was nothing that made me nervous about the playoffs (PO).”

The 2nd year rookie setter, who was selected by the command tower as a key player before the game, did his job confidently. Lee Yoon-jung (26) shone on the most important stage.

Lee Yun-jeong played a big role in the first leg of the 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Playoffs (PO) with Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation and Dodram at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 23rd, winning the team 3-1 (25-18, 23-25, 25-15, 25 -17) gave victory.

Lee Yoon-jung’s shoulders were heavy. Coach Jong-min Kim showed his faith from Media Day, saying, “Now I will trust Yoon Jeong-yi and leave it to him,” and even before the match, he showed anticipation, saying, “If only Yoon Jeong-i does it right, everything will be fine.”

After graduating from Suwon Jeonsan Girls’ High School, she is a player with a unique career who went to the unemployment league rather than the professional stage. The burden of his professional career and lack of opportunities led him to a non-professional career. This is why he is still in his second year as a pro despite his not-so-young age.

It seems that this choice has been rather advantageous. Lee Yoon-jung calmly attacked the opponent’s loopholes so well that it was hard to believe that it was his first spring volleyball. Cat Bell (29 points), Park Jung-ah (17 points), and Bae You-na (13 points), who achieved a team victory in a triangle formation, were all able to boast a 40% attack success rate thanks to Lee Yoon-jung’s toss supplied at the right time. There are only a few veterans who can feel the physical burden, but it is the road construction that was able to win easily with Lee Yoon-jung’s skillful game management, which was not like the second year.

Coach Jong-min Kim said after the game, “I can’t say it’s definitely good,” but “I want to praise him for doing well for the first spring volleyball.”

Excessive tension or strain can directly affect players’ performance. However, Lee Yoon-jung was different. It was the first postseason stage, but “I didn’t feel nervous or anything like PO. I prepared the same as in the regular league,” he said calmly.

Of course, there were helpers who lightened his shoulders. Lee Yoon-jung said, “It was my first time doing PO, and the older sisters who had experienced it said, ‘Let’s enjoy it, and if we do it comfortably, there will be good results.’ It was rather helpful to do it in a joking way,” he said.

Still, he was harsh on himself. Regarding his own performance, “I’m still not satisfied and want to give it 70 points,” he said, “

Of course, I’m not just blaming myself. 온라인바카라 There were parts of the match that I was satisfied with. “In the 4th set, the opponent’s blocking changed, but after watching it through to the end, I raised the toss to the lower (height) side and scored. That scene is memorable,” he evaluated.

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