‘6G 5 wins’ Subero hardened… New coach Choi Won-ho’s first task is to erase the image of ‘Hanwha = the weakest’

Carlos Subero (51), manager of the Hanwha Eagles, took off his clothes after not completing his term. He set the tone for rebuilding, but he failed to show results within the three-year contract period, so Hanwha put a strong hand.

The Hanwha team said goodbye to coach Subero even after winning 4-0 at Daejeon Samsung on the 11th. It was announced that Choi Won-ho, futures (2nd team) manager, was appointed as the 13th manager of the club. The contract period is 3 years, and the total amount is 1.4 billion won (200 million won down payment, 300 million won annual salary, 300 million won option).

Now director Choi Won-ho inherits the heavy burden. Now is the time to prove the player development achievements achieved at Futures with grades in the first team.

Coach Subero, who we met at Jamsil Stadium on the 3rd, who was in a six-game losing streak, said, “I guarantee that the day when you can smile will definitely come.” I will not give up the process of planting that seed.”

Surprisingly, Hanwha recorded 5 wins and 1 loss in 6 games including 3 consecutive wins. It was a hardship at a more curious point because Subero’s remarks seemed to become reality.

Head coach Carlos Subero was forced to step down despite good performances in May. /Photo=OSEN

However, it had nothing to do with the results in May. After the 2020 season, coach Subero, who took over the Hanwha baton, took the position of Hanwha coach in recognition of his outstanding talent in developing players. This is because in order to rebound, it was necessary to improve the constitution clearly and to nurture young players.

Coach Subero also encouraged the players by saying, “Don’t be afraid of failure,” and over the past two years, promising young players have shown significant growth.

Nevertheless, within the Hanwha club, ahead of the season, opinions were mixed about coach Subero and his third-year companion. This is because the last two seasons have all been at the bottom. The professional world had to prove it sexually, but it didn’t work out. I decided to watch until the final season of his contract. Coach Subero also showed his will for the result, sending a foreign pitcher as a starter for the opening game, unlike the previous two years when he gave opportunities to domestic starters.

However, this process was futile. Hanwha stayed at the bottom with a disastrous record of 6 wins, 17 losses and 1 draw, with a win rate of 0.261 in 24 games played in April. In May, he succeeded in getting out of last place in a good atmosphere, but it seems that he has already caught the strand with hard work inside the club.

Looking at the timing of the coach change, there are some doubts, but in terms of failing to produce results, coach Subero has nothing to say. Injuries and sluggishness of foreign players can also be a problem, but this is not enough to explain the ups and downs for 3 consecutive years.

Former manager of Subero. /Photo=OSEN
Director Choi Won-ho is well known as a leader who studies. He obtained a master’s degree in physical education and a doctorate in exercise mechanics from Dankook University, and established the ‘Choi Won-ho Pitching Research Institute’ to solidify his position as a pitching expert.

His field guidance experience is also rich. After retiring in 2010, he served as the rehabilitation group and second group pitching coach for the LG Twins from 2011 to 2012. After that, he worked as a commentator for a long period of time, and in November 2019, he took over as manager of Hanwha Futures. Later, in June 2020, after coach Han Yong-deok voluntarily resigned, he also had a career in temporarily leading the first team. From 2021, he returned to the Futures command tower to reorganize the training system, and in 2022 he won the Northern League and wrote the achievements of 14 consecutive wins, the most ever in the Futures League.

Now is the time to show it to the first team. He showed great talent in developing players, but if he failed to show his performance in the first team, everything could be an illusion. Since he suddenly took over the baton in the middle of the season, he may be able to withhold evaluation for the time being just by showing his potential without much pressure. However, considering the end of coach Subero, who focused too much on player development, he seems to have to put weight on how he can prove his performance. Right now, it is necessary to escape the familiar lowest place from this season and make next year more anticipated. Furthermore, it would be perfect if it gave hope to advance to fall baseball.

The Hanwha club said,메이저놀이터 “I have been with the club for the fourth season and have a detailed understanding of the team, the leadership that brought out the potential of young players, and the team management that puts players in the right places with a focus on winning baseball that the Futures team showed. I highly evaluated him, so I decided to appoint director Choi Won-ho.” It is Choi Won-ho’s task to take advantage of these advantages and prove them with grades.

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